Coming Home Officially Available

Through the help of many kind and generous friends, I am happy to annouce that my new record "Coming Home" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. I am so excited about this record. Thank you for help making this possible.

Summer at Southwind!

I've been at Southwind for the past 5 weeks and I'm excited to be back home. I got the opportunity to hang out with kids from all over the country. It has been weeks filled with laughter, adventure and friendship. I had a great time being apart of the Harlem Chefs, the Alligator Anglers etc... Croc and Roll!

Help Me Record a New Album

I've spent the past 8 years writing, recording, touring, working, etc... I've had the opportunity to play incredible venues, with incredible musicians, and I've even gotten a chance to travel to London! I'm at a pivitol moment as a musician. I could try to make a record with some friends in a basement or I could put it all out on the line and really go for it. Will you help? My goal is to raise $4500. Although the actual costs are much greater than this, I feel that's a number that I can reach with the fans, friends, and family who believe in what I get to do out here on the road and in the studio. This number may seem huge to you, but I promise you in the world of recording albums, my budget is incredibly modest and thrifty. I hope to raise much more than this if possible. These aren't just songs that I want to record, they are songs that I'm dying to record and need to be heard. Will you help?

Summer has been incredible

I've been at SharpTop Cove for most of the summer and I'm excited to be back home. I had a chance to hang out with some good friends and I got to lead music with Eric Peters from Nashville, TN. If you haven't checked him out, drop what your doing and go check him out right now. He is awesome. On other news if you haven't seen the rap video that we made for third session, check it out here:

What a weekend!

I got a chance to lead music with Matt Wertz this weekend at Windy Gap. It was incredible. And if that wasn't enought, I came back on sunday and played a show with Drew and Ellie Holcomb @ barnaroo! Thank you to all of the folks that came out sunday night in support of name brand. It was such a laid back event with just great artists. Needless to say, it was a great weekend.



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Scheduling Summer/Fall Shows

Booking is underway for shows for this fall. If you're interested in booking a show, contact for more information. Thank you to all of the folks who came out this past year. Be on the lookout for show updates and times.

For College Bookings:
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